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Here are some news updates on some of the projects we have been working on recently.

How to succeed in our Safety English Test

March 2017

Language Solutions International joins forces with Specialist Language Courses and Accent International, to promote a brand-new online course which will help all those intending to take our Safety English Test. Online English for Safety in Oil & Gas is a dynamic, interactive course, designed specifically for technical staff communicating in English in safety-critical environments. The course provides 22.5 hours of self-study learning, with animated videos, audio and multiple exercises.


Please contact for further information on how LSI can help prepare and assess both your existing personnel and future recruits.





December 2016

Here is a fascinating infographic from the UN, with their latest update about the programme to deliver bespoke training to Libyan Coastguard Officers, as part of EUNAVFORMED's efforts to reduce the human suffering of migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean.


We are delighted that Language Solutions International's teachers are an integral part of this vital mission.




LS helping the UN with the refugee crisis in Libya

October 2016

Language Solutions International has been awarded a contract with the United Nations, to deliver bespoke maritime English training to Libyan Coastguard Officers.

Our specialist instructors will be based on-board an Italian naval vessel operating in the waters off Libya, helping deliver UN Resolution UNSCR 2292.

Please contact for any questions about the services LSI  can provide in some of the world’s more challenging environments.




Packing their bags for Dubai

August 2016

Professional Language Solutions says a fond farewell to Dana and Petra, two long-standing members of the London team, who are on their way to the UAE to head up our brand new operation in Dubai. Dana and Petra have been an invaluable part of the London team for many years, and are very excited about making new lives in Dubai, and bringing the langsols brand to a wider audience in the Middle East.
Please contact for any questions about the services which Language Solutions will be offering in Dubai.



LSI recruiting for Middle East

August 2015

Language Solutions International mobilises the latest wave of English language, maths and physics tutors, destined to work for our blue chip clients in the Middle East. Mobilising from all over the world, our candidates have been selected for prestigious employment positions in academia, defence and oil and gas sectors in Iraq, KSA and Kuwait.  



LSA opens new school in Algiers

July 2015

Language Solutions Algeria is delighted to announce the opening of a new school in Algiers. Based in the heart of Dely Brahim, an affluent suburb of Algiers, the new building provides substantial premises and a splendid learning environment. With IT suites, student café, dedicated exam test centre facilities and 3 floors of training space, the new school marks another significant stage in the development of LSA as the no 1 English training and testing centre in Algeria.



LLS – brand new website

May 2015

Luminus Language Solutions, a joint venture between Language Solutions and Luminus Education headquartered in Dubai, has launched a brand new website.

LLS has gone from strength to strength, and is now the market leader in the provision of specialist English language training to the energy industry in Iraq.   

Please view for information about the General English, Business English and Technical English courses LLS provides to Iraqi clients in both Basra and London.  



LSA Algeria – accreditation for IELTS for UKVI and Lifeskills

April 2015

Language Solutions Algeria is pleased to announce confirmation of accreditation from the British Council as the only official test centre in Algeria for the new IELTS for UKVI and IELTS Lifeskillsexams.

Following recent government changes, and launched in the spring of 2015, IELTS is now the only approved SELT (Secure English Language Test) which can be taken outside the UK which is accepted by UKVI for visa applications.

Please see for for further information on the full range of IELTS exams offered by Language Solutions in Algiers in partnership with the British Council.